The Work

Missions and challenges I faced througout the years. In educational as well as in professional environments..

Layout / Branding

Mostly printed media, brand- and logodesigns, some car decorations and signmaking solutions.


Visual customizing and simplifying of open source CMS like WordPress, Prestashop etc. My knowledge starts at HTML and ends, where the actual programming begins.

Creative brainplay

Exercises and experiments. Illustrations and all of that stuff that can’t be categorized.

The Skills

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

Care worker for students with disability, Unge Hjems Efterskole Aarhus

Graphic Designer / IT Manager at Grafisk Indtryk, Silkeborg

Customer Support at, Aarhus

Graphic Designer at Kamark Grafisk, Silkeborg

Complete CV here

  • Desktop Publishing

    Typography - Layout - Prepress

  • Creative Design

    Illustration - Branding

  • Web design

    WordPress - eShop - Custom CSS

The punk

Note to self: Try again - fail again - fail better.
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Samuel Reinhart

Graphic Designer